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Expansion Plans already Underway

Along the two-kilometre Spirit Way trail and bike path, from the Heritage North Museum to the Miles Hart Bridge, visitors can plainly see the marriage of Thompson’s cultural history to its natural environment.

The journey begins at the Heritage North Museum, where local flora and fauna, artifacts pertaining to the regional mining industry and a 19th century forge are displayed. From there it continues through tranquil boreal forest featuring nature and the history of the forest industry and Aboriginal use of the region. The towering Bateman Wolf Sketch, visible from up to a mile away, and from the Mural Viewpoint, points the way to Thompson’s downtown. Further along, youth murals show a community’s belief and pride in the Spirit Way as a means of expression.

Emerging rock faces, all billions of years old, are presently being incorporated into the walkway. There are plans to expand upon the city’s wolf theme by blasting and carving wolf likenesses into the rock. To keep costs down and provide opportunity, local artists will be contracted to do the work.

These plans to expand Spirit Way have already been partly realized with the completed Aviation Monument. Also in the plans is a Centre for Aboriginal Art. All these plans are stepping stones along the way to Thompson’s reinvention of itself as a cultural hub for the whole North.

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