Discovering Manitoba

Where the Rivers Flow

With most of the world and its treasures somewhat accessible for exploration, the intrepid traveller may sometimes be guilty of forgetting about those fascinating places and people here in our own backyard. For example, there are people who have traveled the world and visited the indigenous peoples of others continents yet know very little about the Aboriginal cultures of Manitoba. Here are some suggestions if you would like to discover new worlds right here in Manitoba:

For an extended weekend, visit William Young, owner of the Bloodvein River Lodge. His modern facility has everything you need, and is set amidst the peace and tranquility of the woods. Watch the river flow past your front door, or the sun glitter upon the water with every new day. William will make you feel at home and invite you to come fishing. He will be happy to share stories and offer insights into his culture. You will come away from his company with a better understanding of Ojibway culture and a window into a vastly different way of life.

At the Brokenhead Ojibway Historic Village, Carl Smith has been educating visitors from around the world for years about the plants and animals in his territory. For example, can you guess how many Orchid species grow in Carl’s backyard, the Wetlands? Carl will show you them all. He may also show you the community bison ranch and treat you to the very best bison stew.

Whether you are an avid canoeist or more likely to stroll alongside the Pigeon or Berens River, Morning Mist Outfitters offers guiding services complete with canoes, equipment and food. These rivers are renowned for their pickerel stocks, as well as northern pike and catfish. The 100% Aboriginal owned family businesses are always happy to meet new people and to share information about the rivers and wildlife as it was and as it still is.

To maybe cap off the season, stay in Winnipeg October 31 – November 9, 2008, for the Manito Ahbee Festival, “A Festival for All Nations”. Celebrations include the Aboriginal Peoples’ Choice Music Awards, an international Pow Wow competition, indigenous marketplace and trade-show, music fest and Métis celebration. In short: something for everyone. Don’t miss it, as you and your family will be welcomed and educated in food history and surrounded by tons of culture.

Of course, this is only a small sampling of vacation ideas. With so much more to tell you about, don’t hesitate to call 1-888-949- 1041 or visit so you can book your idea vacation to fit your   family’s needs and budget.

- by Bernalda Robinson

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