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Museum shines light on Hydroelectric History

Shining light on hydroelectric history

With an enormous yellow turbine runner beckoning your entrance into the historic Harrow Terminal Station at 680 Harrow Street, you can’t miss the building that now houses the Manitoba Electrical Museum & Education Centre. Enter to find a giant green dinosaur, known as Electrosaurus, who greets you with PowerSmart messages in his prehistoric footprints. Inside you’ll find the 1931 building has been modernized with contemporary design and innovative energy efficient technologies, while it showcases some of the oldest electrical devices invented.

Climb inside the electric street car, see the first electric kitchen appliances, discover what year your community got electricity, or test your knowledge with the award winning Play It Safe game. You can even try one of the many scavenger hunts the museum offers as you wander the gallery. Interactive exhibits and the retired electrical workers who volunteer as tour guides encourage you to consider just how much we depend on energy today.

Vern Peichl, one of the tour guides, says they may even give you some little known facts about Manitoba’s hydroelectric history. He likes to give extra details about the Winnipeg River development. “That’s where I started with the corporation (Manitoba Hydro) in 1957” says Peichl, “It’s an area I am quite familiar with.”

From arc lanterns to motion detected LED lighting, electricity has certainly evolved, and this museum expertly displays all the steps in between.

Entertaining and informative for all ages with new exhibits and seasonal showings throughout the year, including All That Glows: Then and Now holiday lighting celebration (runs mid Nov. to early Jan.), this free admission museum is a must see Winnipeg attraction.

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