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Tell us Where to find Manitoba's Best Cinnamon Buns!

There’s nothing like the taste and smell of hot cinnamon buns, dripping with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon, with little caramelized bits clinging to the edges from the buns closest to the corner of the pans.

The best ones are made with white bread dough, rolled thin and slathered with sweetness and spice, with a few raisins to light a tangy flame that contrasts with the syrup.

We’ve been asking for nomination of the best cinnamon buns in the province. Here are some of the nominees:

Friendly Corner Bakeshop

The one we heardA of most often out of town was the Friendly Corner Bakeshop in Grandview. The buns have lots of cinnamon and raisins, they’re made of bread dough and they are topped with just the right amount of icing. So big that one bun can serve two. They are made fresh daily by the folks who operate the bakery, a group of disabled people, some with Downs syndrome, who have no disability at all when it comes to producing the sweetest tastiest treat.

Nelda’s Giant Cinnamon Buns
Highway #1 near McMunn

“Stunning cinnamon buns, with just the right texture, the right stickiness and strong cinnamon flavour,” is how the nominee described these buns. “And,” he continued. “they are great toasted, served with a little cream. Use the leftovers to make a bread pudding.”

Tall Grass Prairie Bakery
895 Westminster, Winnipeg

Buns are made with stone ground whole wheat flour and feature margarine instead of butter. The bakery admits that their cinnamon buns are their main attraction.

Central Bakery
30 Centre Street, Gimli

All the Winnipeg Lake people have to have a soft spot for the wonderful old-fashioned cinnamon buns that come from the traditional bakery. Just the right texture and sweetness with raisin and hearty bread dough.

Star Grill
Conservatory, Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg

The buns are grilled and filled with cinnamon and sugar.

Prairie Grains
2005 Victoria Ave., Brandon

The buns are made with whole wheat flour.

Bread and Circuses
238 Lilac, Winnipeg

These folks used to sell their breads at the St. Norbert Market and the the cinnamon buns kept people coming back for more.

Do you have a favourite place for cinnamon buns you’d like to share? Email with your nominee and the reasons why it deserves a mention. If you have a photo, so much the better.

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