Discovering Manitoba

Manitoba, for both its natural splendour and diversity of wildlife, is a sportsman's paradise.

Whether scouring the marshes for some prized waterfowl or combing the bush for that elusive big game trophy, you’ll be sure to enjoy the help and support of the province’s many licensed outfitters and experienced guides.

One such outfitter is Tyler Hunt, of North Bound Adventure Tours. An avid outdoorsman and resident of northern Manitoba, he offers this account of the benefits of making the trip North of 53, if you’re looking for the thrill of the hunt: “It’s secluded in every way, and there’s nowhere else like it in the province.

Northern Manitoba counts 20 percent of the province’s landmass, and only one percent of the population. Game outnumbers people. There are 700,000 caribou up here. You can usually pass on the first moose you see, because chances are, there’s a bigger one to come.

“The country’s rugged. There’s bedrock underneath your feet, sand beaches on clear lakes, organic deposits like muskegs, and esker formations. It’s beautiful, actually. And with the highest hunting odds in the province, it’s the best place to come and hunt, too.”

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